Hi, My name is Dyan, I'm the person who has taken over making the ET Sculptures since Cynthia passed September 2017. It was her request that I would do so. I worked with Cynthia making the sculptures for 7 years before her passing.

I know that I can never fill her shoes, and thankfully she has been with me, so Cynthia will always be part of ET sculptors.

The energy of the ET beings also comes through me.

In the recent months, requests for sculptures have not been received by me, the website was having trouble with email addresses on the site. I sincerely apologize, if I never answered your request. Now that the site is working again please send me your questions and requests.  

Cynthia is missed every day by me & many people, she was and is a very special ET.

Thank You, for your continued patronage.

Love and Light to Everyone,


Here are the sculptures I make with their prices, if you want more information go to their page. (See above to get to pages just put your mouse arrow over MORE and the other pages will show up).