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Anabua, Andromedan, & Annunaki Page 1

"Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity"

ANABUA When I (Cynthia) first made the Anabua Being, it was after experiencing a very unusual women at a conference whose face looked like an Eagle covered with human flesh. When she walked out of the room, I followed after - only to see she had vanished. A month later a man in Native American clothing with this same facial features walked down an isle at a conference near my display of sculptures. Same thing happened he, too vanished when he left the room. Shortly after that, I had repeated dreams of birds held in a secret chamber and felt as if I was now the caretaker of them. A friend insisted these dreams were telling me to make these sculptures. While making my first two sculptures, an Eagle actually appeared on a telephone pole behind my house and squawed non-stop until I had finished them.

This is the information that was downloaded in me at the time:

We are the Anabua, the feather tribe of beings you call the Eagle. We came from the Orion Star system and have been on Gia, Mother Earth, longer than mankind has existed. We are the balance of nature, eating only that which sustains us. But human's greed has cut down and burned forest, replacing it with cold, lifeless structures while defacing its natural beauty. Man's greed has lead to wars, and he will eventually annihilate not only himself but all life on Earth, leaving behind a barren planet. We shape-shift now to walk amongst you, to look you in the eye and be your reflection; to awaken you before it's too late. We plead, put back the Earth the way you found it; live amongst us in peace the way you once did; stop your foolish ways before there is nothing left to save. We cry for the planet Earth and not for the human race.

Then months later while talking to a group of people, my guides gave me this information:

The Anuabua have agreed to work with the Galactic Federation during the cataclysmic times to be the guides, the communicators for those taking large groups of lightworkers and starseeds to the Stargates and the ships. They will fly ahead, and where there is danger, telepathically communicate to the group leaders of the dangers and where to go for safety. They understand that humanity is evolving spiritually and have agreed only to help those who are working in and with the Light.

ANABUA: $185.00 plus shipping

ANDROMEDAN When I (Cynthia) first made the Andromedan sculpture, I had gone into a trance, not even knowing what I was doing, The information regarding the Andromedans came for others who have been on their ships and had conscious contact with them. This particular Andromedan being is from the Buddic Tribe and are about 4' tall, with lean tan bodies, arms that extend to the middle of their knees, and very humanoid in appearance. They were on Earth during the Ancient Egyptian days. Because their planet is so close to their sun, they cover their skin with gold dust to protect them from skin diseases. They work with the Galactic Federation, assisting the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, and the Ascended Masters at this time to help those humans who are ready to evolve from the old world into the New World. Their message is for us to stay focused on our own missions without living in Fear 




ANNUNAKI are giant humanoids, standing on average 8 foot tall and far heavier and more muscular than humans, visiting Earth from their home planet, termed the Planet of the Crossing by the ancient Summerians. They came to Earth for its gold but left a great impact on the human race. You can look to the Romans and Greeks to get a similar look on how the Annunaki live, it is no wonder why early civilizations looked to them as Gods. The Planet Nebiru is more a ship than a Planet, its periodic appearance and disappearance from Earth's view is 3600 years. They go around the galaxies in an orbit passing by Earth, looking for the precious metal that they need to have to live, Gold.

 ANNUNAKI: $95.00 plus shipping

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